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“Jeff is a very passionate and focused producer! We worked together on our first EP. The result is something to be proud of: the days of preproduction, engineering and mixing by Jeff lifted the album to a whole other level. The mixes sound warm and punchy. Besides that he is a super relaxed, positive person to work with and has a lot of great ideas. Very happy we could work together with him!”
— Lise (the band UMM)
We worked with Jeff in the past and it has always been a pleasure. But more recently we recorded our new album (Future Primitives) with Jeff. He’s a delight to work with: good professional preparation, choice of superb gear, mic placement, engineer, producer, multi instrumentalist, great postproduction (next level to go to the mix),...He also works very tidy, and he brings structure if needed. Last but not least, Jeff is just a great guy to work with and to have around when you’re recording. A good atmosphere in a professional setting is key!”

”Jeff really chills down the vibe with his calm and warm personality. Perfect to have by your side as an artist under pressure, recording in the studio. Both as an engineer as producer, musician. Great taste in gear, both solid high end gear as little lo-fi playful gear. I like his approach of “dedicated” recording, which means you don’t fix things in the mix, but record things quite specific already. In this way you’re way more creatively working with sound in the studio. And it’s more fun.
— Johannes & Mich Verschaeve (The Van Jets)
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff at “elstudio” and I can highly recommend him! He will put heart and soul in your music, to make the absolute best of it. Not only is he an incredibly gifted producer, he is also one of the friendliest persons I’ve ever worked with. You won’t find two of the same kind.
— Mauger Mortier
I’m so grateful that music has a great future in very awesome hands.
This studio is a world class professional workspace.”|

”elstudio es uno de los mejores lugares para grabación y producción del país. El ambiente es sumamente acogedor y se presta para la creatividad y productividad. Mi experiencia de trabajar con Jeff Claeys fue de alta calidad. Me prestó un servicio personalizado y acorde con las necesidades de mi banda. A pesar de la alta calidad, el precio es accesible y lo vale con el equipo y experiencia de Jeff.

— Sebastian Uribe Guerrero & Mario Tanzi (Kilo Watt)
What can I say?! Jeff is da man! Beautiful surroundings, awesome equipment,... Best recording experience ever! Just don’t let Jeff touch any line6 gear... ;-) it might catch Much LOVE for the Santa posse!!!X”
— Tim Van Hamel (Millionaire)
I went there a couple of years ago for demo recordings and had two wonderful weeks there. Jeff is a very good technician and also plays several instruments. The working atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, yet I was able to work very focused. This is thanks to Jeff’s flexibility and his love for music. The domain is inspiring, the rooms are nice and Jootje, the female chef de cuisine (yummie yummie!!!) is also available for a real good massage. This is the ideal spot to work in peace, to get rest and to purify your body all at the same time. No alcohol is used or served there, which is a blessing while you’re at work. Want a drink? Possibilities enough in the town below. But I enjoyed my healthy food and drinks up on the hill at elstudio while monkeys were playing around in the tree right in front of me. An unforgettable experience!
— Helmut Lotti
One of the best residential studios that I have worked at, an amazing collection of gear, and microphones, great staff, great sounding live and control rooms, and the best view ever !!! I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to record residentially in a unique and inspiring environment.
— Richard Bishop (Manager at Deckstar Los Angeles)
Had the opportunity to record in this fantastic Studio on the hills of santa teresa with view to the sea. Jeff, the man behind the Mixer is hyper professional, super friendly, creative and equipped with the most amazing gear. This place is great, you can rent out the whole house for your band to record your album in costa ricas surf environment. Jeff has it all, top musical skills, top recording know how and he is a great producer helping you to create something beautiful with your ideas. If you consider to record in Costa Rica this place is highly recommended.
— Christian Amín Vàrkonyi (Heartbeat Music)
Excellent facility and very friendly & talented engineer with years of experience. I highly recommend.
— Leonard Lacono (The Lab - Audiodome)
Mastering music from this studio is simply a pleasure. Sound is warm, full, big,... with punch. What is this console again Jeff? Right, brilliant.
— Frederic Dejongh (Jerboa Mastering)
Top notch studio in a heavenly part of the world. A truly great experience. Jeff, the studio engineer is one of the best.
— Xavier Benoit (Firemountain Tours)
I recorded at Jeff’s studio in Santa Teresa last fall and I had an amazing experience. The studio is on a very high level with excellent gear and sound. We recorded every thing live and setting up and finding the right sounds was easy and fast. There is an incredible vibe to the studio with
its location and insane view over the ocean, a place to disconnect and get creative. Jeff the sound engineer and owner has a unique energy that makes you feel very comfortable. He works fast and gets your style and
intentions quickly. The beautiful sunsets you see from the studio is worth staying there all day into the night. Can totally recommend this studio for anyone looking to do something of high quality and in an incredible environment.
— Louise Kahn (Terry Poison)
Jeff and his studio are awesome! Such a one of a kind experience to record music in such a high quality space while being right in the middle of the jungle looking at the ocean. Can’t beat it.

Private, quiet, very comfortable, easy access, safe and Jeff is a pleasure to work with. A solid professional with a great ear!
— Jesse Park (The Cutbacks)
One of the best studios in the world! Nestled in the epic beach town of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.. El Studio is rockstar. Great facilities and great management. The gear and studio equipment is top-class! It’s a must record spot!
— Marcus Trulli


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