elstudio is the destination recording studio located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and home to engineer, producer and musician Jeff Claeys. 

The facility caters to artists, bands and all various kinds of productions that require an exclusive, private environment for recording, mixing, songwriting, rehearsing and/or pre & post-production.

Our unique location offers our clients a lot of space to relax and create, while being far away from the hustle and demanding intensity of their regular professional environments.

We arrange the full itinerary for our clients. Lodging, catering, shuttles, local transport (ATV/Car rental), surf lessons, tours, fishing trips, etc. Our guesthouse provides room to accommodate 10 people, including a private loft on top of the studio.

We can arrange an on-site Spa service and an in-house organic chef.

elstudio offers recording, mixing, composing & production services. We record and write in a number of different musical styles and produce anything from a one-off track to a full album.

We have more than 20 years experience in the music industry. Some references are: The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (US), Heavy Trash (US), Admiral Freebee (BE), Millionaire (BE), The Van Jets (BE), Olympic Games, Tour de France, Fifa World Cup, MTV Music Awards, EuroVision Songfestival, TV composing & post production, NBC Sports, and many more...

For technical info or more detailed references please contact us here

Artists can simply fly in and rehearse for an upcoming tour. There is a full backline available and specific instruments that are not currently at elstudio can be obtained on short notice as required. Between sessions artists can take a dip in our private swimming pool, enjoy the warm Pacific Ocean, drink a fresh fruit smoothie on the beach, read in a hammock, have a surf session or take a yoga class. Afterwards, play a new take or listen to your mix with a fresh and clear mind. 

The recording studio consists of three main rooms, all of which were designed by George Augspurger. Enjoy wonderful Costa Rican jungle & ocean views from both the control room and live room. The rest of the house is discretely integrated as being part of elstudio, with tie, speaker and cue lines, even including the bathroom.

The philosophy of our destination recording studio extends beyond simple recording into lifestyle and wellbeing. Our belief, based on our own experience, is that creativity born from nature creates greater inspiration and awareness.